PHYSICS Reusable Artefacts Marketplace Platform – An ecosystem of assets

PHYSICS aims at enabling European Content Services Platform to enhance their offerings from baseline computing services to more advanced business and operational models such as the Function as a Service paradigm. To this end, it will bundle the produced technical solutions into 3 major tools.

In addition, and in combination with these three items, PHYSICS is producing a Reusable Artefacts Marketplace Platform (RAMP), in which internal and external entities (developers, researchers etc) are able to contribute fine-grained reusable artefacts and assets (functions, flows, controllers etc), for incorporating added value offerings of different types (controllers, optimizers, flow patterns, abstracted function nodes etc.).

The main aim of the RAMP is bringing contributors and buyers from the cloud computing environment around one central artefacts marketplace, in order to include standalone cross-platform artefacts and assets. Considering this project, various stakeholders among large enterprises, small and medium enterprises, and research partners, show great interest and show promise of a maturation path for the RAMP. Because of the large number of artefacts that we expect to make available and the knowledge of the platform acquired during its development, companies delivering consulting services could provide clear, tangible solutions for the processes of their clients in the form of specific artefacts and integrate these artefacts in larger macro strategies.

The main characteristics of the Reusable Artefacts Marketplace Platform are the following:

  • Providing one central place to bring together all actors of the cloud computing environment
  • Commonly defined interfaces between similar types of elements, so that different controlling flavours can be included in a plug-and-play manner and with no functional difference in an operational flow
  • Easy incorporation through packaging them in the target code/application design framework.
  • Easy reference of external sources that needs to be included in the code/description segment.
  • Means of evaluation and feedback, as well as rating of the respective element, in order to enable community feedback, indicate element usability and reliability, features that are needed also from the business aspect of the ecosystem such as developer compensation for marketplace participation

As of April 2022, the public website for contributing to the marketplace is up and running and can be found here.

Thanks to the effort of INNOV-ACTS and the consortium, it is already possible to register to the RAMP and contribute with assets. We are looking forward to have you all joining us. You can register here and create your asset here

The marketplace will incorporate reusable solutions across the various fields of PHYSICS, such as cloud patterns implementations, controller/optimizer algorithms, management schedulers, and more.

Each added artefact is defined by Name, Category, Release Date, field of use, type of License, keywords, Owner and any useful link to help/support/show the artefact.

In the next few months, we aim to enlarge the functionalities of the RAMP with new possibilities for interaction, a feedback and evaluation system and video tutorials to support the external contributors that are willing to upload additional assets to the RAMP.

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