The goal of this deliverable is the description of the PHYSICS project architecture. This is the first version of the architecture foreseen in the project. This document will be a live document that will be enriched as the project progresses till the second and last version of the architecture is delivered in month 23. The PHYSICS architecture is developed as part of the work package WP2, Requirements, Architecture and Technical Coordination.
The architecture of PHYSICS consists of a set of software components that are developed in three technical work packages (W3 Functional and Semantic Continuum Services Framework, WP4 Cloud Platform Services for a Global Space-Time Continuum Interplay and WP5 Extended Infrastructure Services with Adaptable Algorithms) which correspond to the three foreseen levels of the PHYSICS platform: application level, platform level and infrastructure level. The PHYSICS architecture has been defined based on the study of state of the art and the requirements definition. The architecture is described using a functional view in which description of each software component is provided, as well as the interactions among them. This functional description presents for each component its definition, challenges the component has to deal with, input received and produced output. Hence, it provides the structuring principles that will drive the integration of the PHYSICS components in a unified platform. As such the PHYSICS architecture will drive integration activities towards producing the PHYSICS platform and integrating the use cases. As already outlines, future releases of the architecture will incorporate feedback from the updated design of the various components, as well as for the actual use of the first version of the architecture in integration and use case activities.


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