PHYSICS will establish and offer the following services in the RAMP and related ecosystem around it:

  1. PHYSICS Bundles Customization and Instantiation Services, which will focus on the customization of the 3 bundles in-line with the needs of clients (e.g. addition of supported baseline platforms through development of new adapters, integration into existing environments etc). Such services primarily refer to the solution integrators of the consortium (e.g., GFT, ATOS) which will leverage them in order to implement and provide turn-key solutions to their customers in the cloud market, as well as to the contributors of each bundle.
  2. Training and Consulting services, offered to solution integrators, service providers and application developers and facilitate stakeholders in accessing, using and fully leveraging the capabilities of the project. They will aim at maximizing their productivity when using services, tools and datasets of the RAMP.
  3. Support services for clients of the bundles, which will enable further uptake of the project bundles. One of the key considerations of software provisioning (especially in the open source domain) is the ability to have support services for the uptaken solution. Therefore in any chosen licensing model (closed or open source) per bundle relevant support services should exist.
  4. Artefact marketplace, which will enable the fine grained exploitation of individual items such as controllers, algorithms, flows etc., as well as support offered for their incorporation and usage within the needed environments and context. Artefacts may be offered for free or for purchase, based on each artefact owner’s approach and related compensation scheme (e.g. one off licensing, size-dependent licensing etc.), allowing also the existence of commissions for the RAMP acting as the broker in the transaction.


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