Opening up the Cloud Edge Continuum to new generations of applications

PHYSICS and CHARITY, challenges and similarities

PHYSICS and CHARITY projects join forces to organise a webinar entitled “Opening up the Cloud Edge Continuum to new generations of applications”. The webinar aims to bring together audiences with an interest in the Cloud Edge Continuum and showcase the projects’ contributions in this area.


  • Introduction by the webinar moderator, Uwe Herzog (Eurescom, CHARITY)
  • CHARITY Project
    – CHARITY project overview (Dr. Tarik Taleb – ICTFICIAL)
    – Overview and demonstration of CHARITY blueprint design framework (Paolo Barone – Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  • PHYSICS project
    – CHARITY project overview (Fabrizio Di Peppo – GFT)
    – Introduction and demonstration of the PHYSICS FaaS Design Environment (Dr. Georgios Kousiouris – Harokopio University of Athens)
  • Q&A

PHYSICS and CHARITY projects aim to improve the ability of application developers and service providers to create and deploy advanced applications for the Cloud2Edge Continuum as  CHARITY addresses XR applications, PHYSICS serverless (FaaS) applications.

CHARITY provides an environment to facilitate the composition of application blueprints,
specifying component microservices, resource slices and virtual links into a TOSCA template, ready for the runtime orchestrator to provision and manage its lifecycle.
PHYSICS offers a design environment allowing to graphical create abstract annotated workflows of composite applications, that the platform later translates into actionable FaaS sequences, in a DevOps chain allowing local pre-deployment functional testing

Both projects provide advanced lifecycle management of deployed applications,
able to dynamically control and optimize the allocation of application components based
on their respective KPIs.

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