Design & Deployment of FaaS apps at the edge-cloud

  • Date June 18, 2023

The talk will focus on the project’s design and development environment that aims to ease application evolution to the new FaaS model. It uses the Node-RED open-source tool as the primary function and workflow runtime. The goal of the environment is to enable a more user-friendly and abstract function and workflow creation process for complex FaaS applications.

To this end, it provides an extendable, pattern-enriched palette of ready-made, reusable functionalities such as workload parallelization, data collection at the edge, and function orchestration creation among others. The environment embeds seamless DevOps processes for generating the deployable artefacts of the FaaS platform (Openwhisk). Annotation mechanisms are also available for the developer to dictate diverse execution options towards the deployment stacks, including sizing and locality considerations, as well as abilities for dynamic FaaS applications to continuously leverage the edge-cloud continuum.


Yiannis Georgiou, RYAX

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