3rd Hackathon: “Writing a K8s Operator for Knative Functions”

  • Date June 16, 2023

The third PHYSICS hackathon will introduce you to the FaaS model and to building Kubernetes operators. You will implement a K8s Operator, using the operatorsdk framework, to provide the functionality of the Knative CLI. This will allow you to create easier build and deploy functions with Knative just by creating Kubernetes (CR) objects, and will help you learn the internals about how K8s Operators work in a real-life example.

Serverless and Function as a Service (FaaS) are getting more and more attention from customers and developers as a way to develop, run and manage applications functionality without the burden of infrastructure related knowledge. All big cloud providers offer them already, e.g., AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions or Microsoft Azure Functions. One of the most relevant upstream projects for serverless is Knative, which recently added support for functions (create, build, and deploy) on top of K8s clusters.


Luis Tomas Bolivar
Red Hat

Jose Castillo Lema
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

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