Entwicklung und Auswahl geeigneter Use Cases und KPIs zur erfolgreichen Einführung neuer Hochtechnologie am Beispiel von “Function-as-a-Service”

Development and selection of suitable use cases and KPIs for the successful introduction of new high technology using the example of “Function-as-a-Service”


What distinguishes successful high-tech projects from failed ones? – Often not the quality of the technology itself, but rather misunderstood, unclear objectives, poor communication and often isolated project management.
As part of the EU research project “Physics” and the introduction of Function-as-a-Service at three pioneers from the fields of smart manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture, this paper aims to address an essential and often overlooked component of the successful introduction of high technology.
An interactive approach is introduced that explains how the success criterion of use case development can be positively designed, what important role stakeholder analysis plays and how direct and indirect business benefits can be identified and linked. Furthermore, the construction of suitable KPIs is discussed, which measure achievable goals and thus counteract wrong decisions. Finally, a list of individual problems with recommendations for practical implementation is given.


  • Niklas, N.F., Franke
  • Florian, F.M., Mohr
  • André, A.H., Hennecke

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